Sovereign Grace Academy

Sovereign Grace Academy

Sovereign Grace Academy is a biblical studies ministry provided by Sovereign Grace Family Church. Students of the ministry will be provided seminary quality instruction with no financial obligation. Courses are provided in a wide range of subjects including Church History, Christian Ethics, Hermeneutics, and Apologetics.

Each course will include:

  • Required class time (Courses will last 8 weeks with one class session per week. Students who miss more than 2 classes will be dropped from the class unless prior arrangements are made)
  • Required reading (At least one extra-biblical work will be assigned per course, many of which will be available in the SGFC library)
  • Required writing (At the end of each course, 4 weeks will be allowed for the completion and return of the final paper)

Once a course is satisfactorily completed, a student will be awarded a Course Completion Certificate signed by the instructor.

The courses provided by Sovereign Grace Academy meet the requirements for credit at Jacksonville Baptist Theological Seminary. Students may choose to apply the Course Completion Certificate toward a degree from the seminary by paying the tuition required by JBTS. Each certificate will be worth three credit hours. 

Interested in taking part in an upcoming course? Call for details 904-757-1800. You can also follow us on Facebook by clicking here.

To download the syllabus for INTRODUCTION TO CHRISTIAN ETHICS click here.