Posts by Dr. M. Keith Foskey

Posts by Dr. M. Keith Foskey

Hurricane Relief for Louisiana

Brother Brian Mack is planning to make a trip to Louisiana next week to deliver food and goods for people affected by the recent hurricane. If you would like to help, we will be taking donations at the church from now until next Wednesday. We are hoping to fill his trailer, so please consider making a contribution. We can schedule to meet you at the church for drop off or…

How Our Church Became Reformed

Recently, on Coffee with a Calvinist (a daily Podcast produced by Pastor Keith), we retraced the process by which God brought our church through a revival of theology. We have not always been a reformed church. In fact, we were not always called Sovereign Grace Family Church. We used to be called Forest Christian Church. But through a series of amazing events, God brought…

My Pathway to Calvinism

Recently, Pastor Keith did a five-part series on his podcast Coffee with a Calvinist where he discussed the way God led him to become a Calvinist. He discusses the scripture texts which were most convincing to him as well as the situations which caused him to begin to investigate the Doctrines of Grace. If you are interested in hearing this story, it is available in a…
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