Sovereign Grace

Sovereign Grace

Sovereign Grace

To my Father, in heaven, hallow be your name;
To my Lord, on a heavenly throne you reign.
To my God, whose sovereignty is absolute;
To my Savior, whose atonement was my substitute.

I am a totally depraved person incapable of righteousness;
I am a slave to the original sin caused by Adam’s doubtfulness.
I am powerless on my own to overcome my sinful bend;
I am free to only choose the actions which offend.

Thank you for unconditional election by your sovereign will;
Thank you for the humility to know my work will not fulfill.
Thank you for your love that came before my love;
Thank you for the faith that can only be granted from above.

Through Christ’s perfect atonement I am redeemed;
Through the suffering of the cross you intervened.
The work was limited because the gate is narrow;
Those that pass through I am grateful you foreknow.

Your grace is irresistible and alone is sufficient;
Your glory comes in both love and judgment.
Your Will alone decides where the wind blows;
Your choice to provide faith I cannot oppose.

You will preserve the saints despite their many flaws;
You will keep your promises although we give cause.
You will gather your flock only as the good shepherd can;
You will give new life to the dead man – Amen.

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